Weekend Update – 3.5.2023

Happy Sunday everyone! Just getting down some quick thoughts here on this busy Sunday. This guy has to do his taxes this weekend and let’s just say I don’t have the easiest situation… but the cost savings for a CPA, right? Right?!


We’ve closed the door on the AITX fiscal year 2023 and we’ve gotten some PR about 300+ units ordered to close out the year, up from about 190 last year. I won’t re-hash too much, you can check out my article here which gets into it.

Looking forward now in terms of PR, although Steve wants to get it out early, I wouldn’t expect the 10K before mid-May. But hey, I would take it earlier!

Between now and then, I would expect maybe some teases on earnings / guidance for 2023 and 2024, but not much or else that would be good old fashioned securities fraud. So you will likely need to content yourself with sales PR’s (hopefully lots) and other general business updates for the next two months.


I’ll keep this one quick since I don’t think anyone actually reads it, but I love speaking to drywall. RJDG, as I predicted last week, is now back to pink current and will not go CE as things stand now. Earnings and figures changed minimally and actually improved in terms of removing some puzzling accounting choices when it comes to their balance sheet and cash flow statement.

They just closed their Q2 at the end of February, so we should be getting a quarterly filing in mid-March, they’re generally not filing NT’s.

Maybe a separate article is better for this, but I’m expecting to see a relatively quiet Q2 before they really pick up in Q3/Q4 as Tulsa’s construction season starts up. That being said, we should see flat or low revenue growth quarter over quarter and they should still be profitable and generating free cash flow.

I’m currently adding to my position and have been for the last few weeks, so full disclosure there… It’s currently my biggest OTC position.


Brett Rosen evidently had a meeting with Dave Massey earlier in the week and wanted to get another Q&A on the docket. Well ask and you shall receive because we have one on March 9th ready to go! So don’t miss it.

I didn’t see anywhere to post questions, so what I’m hoping we get some sort of clarity on are:

  1. Is April still the company timeline for cash flow positive?
  2. Is the full 35m in debt funding closed, done, and dusted? Or is any of it in the air still?
  3. What is the current timeline for closing AVCO?
  4. When will we get an 8K on AVCO with full purchasing and financing terms (debt, cash, equity funded)?
  5. Litigation update – Darin Pastor (not holding my breath) and others.
  6. 10K timing? Earlier or later than March 31?

As a separate point, they’ve been hinting at a potential SPAC play to uplist to NASDAQ. I will make a separate article about this, but I’m frankly not convinced this is the best approach versus a reverse split. A lot of unknowns, but on the face of it I have reservations.


Hang tight… with a shareholder meeting on the agenda for April, I have a hard time believing we’ll have to wait longer than that to get corrected filings / new filings. They would look kind of dumb having a shareholder meeting with six months of financials missing and filings before that needing to be re-issued.

I’m betting we’ll have all of that by the end of this month with time to digest before their annual shareholder meeting. I really hope I’m not wrong on this…


I’ve been trying to catch up on my DD with ILUS. First off, let me just say that the Discord for ILUS is one of the most active I’ve ever seen for a single stock which is really cool. Second off, man ILUS is a complicated company in terms of number of companies, businesses, ownership structure, etc.

I will probably be able to get one or two articles out on ILUS before they release their 10K (presumably at the end of March). Fair warning… I think some people may not like what I have to say in my first article.

However, I generally like what I’m seeing on the business side of things. There are just some things I think investors need to be more aware of when making their informed decisions about the company.

On that vague note… stay tuned for more!!


I’ll close out on CYBL. Everyone is buzzing over being included in that latest aid package to Ukraine. While we know they’re purchasing drones, we don’t know how many or what the dollar figure is. I’d have to imagine that if they’re specifically listing Cyberlux drones in their press releases that it’s not like two drones or something.

Once Cyberlux cleans up their financials and we finally start getting some up to date and correct information, I will be very curious to see what the total impact of the aid package is. Whatever the dollar figure is, given that this is for a war, I wouldn’t expect this to be a delayed thing. In other words, there should be a significant FY 2023 impact to financials.

The question is, when will we actually get financials… I won’t rant about this again 😊.

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