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When I started this, I vowed to never paywall my content or put an ad block wall on the site. But right now I operate this as a hobby in my free time and pay for everything out of pocket, including server hosting, domain registration, etc. In the long term, it may not be sustainable.

I hate the idea of selling you guru classes, books, etc. I want to keep this blog transparent and accessible to everyone. No paywall, no ad block walls, no preferential treatment, no payments from suspicious companies to support them, nothing.

The model I settled on was the “Wikipedia” model. Everyone has access to everything.

However, to help cover my hosting costs and ongoing expenses, I’ve included two different options if you’d like to help support:

First, I’ve included a Buy Me A Coffee link in the sidebar. Please consider a one-time donation to help out, but if not, no big deal! Note – I have temporarily cancelled my Patreon but might bring it back again in the future as I reconsider Patreon benefits.

Second, I’ve started adding some sponsored links to my articles. These are companies or services that I use and trust, so consider that my endorsement. You can find all of my current affiliates below:

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