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I’ve now added a way for my readers to support the blog monetarily if they’d like. When I started this, I vowed to never paywall my content or put an ad block wall on the site. But right now I operate this as a hobby in my free time and pay for everything out of pocket, including server hosting, domain registration, etc. In the long term, it may not be sustainable.

I hate the idea of shilling affiliate marketing and selling you guru classes, books, etc. I want to keep this blog transparent and accessible to everyone. No paywall, no ad block walls, no preferential treatment, no payments from suspicious companies to support them, nothing.

The model I settled on was the “Wikipedia” model. Everyone has access to everything, and if you’d like, you can donate to help support the blog. To facilitate this, I’ve now added a Patreon page!

You can become a monthly supporter via my Patreon (link below) if you like my content. If you don’t want to support, no big deal! You’ll still get all of my content and I won’t take it personally. But if would like to support me, any donations will go towards helping me pay for any expenses associated with the blog and to keep help the blog running.

I currently only have one option for membership which is just a low monthly donation. In the spirit of the “Wikipedia” model and transparency, this membership does not provide any additional benefits other than keeping the site going.

I might one day expand membership options to include some live webcasts to ask questions, discuss any current topics, etc. (with my face blocked out of course) which would then be posted later for everyone. More to come there depending on popularity!

Support me here:

If you are interested in starting your own blog and/or need a hosting provider, I use SiteGround hosting and have had a good experience with them so far. Feel free to use the referral link here to sign up and help support my blog.