Support the Blog

I’ve now added a way for my readers to support the blog monetarily if they’d like. When I started this, I vowed to never paywall my content or put an ad block wall on the site. But right now I operate this as a hobby in my free time and pay for everything out of pocket, including server hosting, domain registration, etc. In the long term, it may not be sustainable.

I hate the idea of shilling affiliate marketing and selling you guru classes, books, etc. I want to keep this blog transparent and accessible to everyone. No paywall, no ad block walls, no preferential treatment, no payments from suspicious companies to support them, nothing.

The model I settled on was the “Wikipedia” model. Everyone has access to everything, and if you’d like, you can donate to help support the blog. To facilitate this, I’ve included a Buy Me A Coffee link in the sidebar. Please donate if you like my content and want to help me cover ongoing expenses.

Note – I have temporarily cancelled my Patreon but might bring it back again in the future.

If you are interested in starting your own blog and/or need a hosting provider, I use SiteGround hosting and have had a good experience with them so far. Feel free to use the referral link here to sign up and help support my blog.