AITX Analysis – Why I Love RAD Light My Way

Today’s article is more of an opinion piece in that I won’t be diving into financials, financial analysis, etc. like in many of my articles. This will be a much more subjective article going through why I think the relatively recently announced solution RAD Light My Way (“LMW”) is my favorite solution from AITX/RAD to … Read more

ALPP Analysis – the Conglomerate Discount

Today will be a bit of a more unique article discussing a rather theoretical concept around the valuations of conglomerates such as ALPP. As always, hope you enjoy! Conglomerate Discount What is a Conglomerate? First off, a conglomerate is a collection of companies under a holding structure which are diversified from each other in some … Read more

ALPP Analysis – Capital Raising Part 3: 2022

Today’s article is the final article of a three-part series discussing how ALPP has raised capital. My first two articles discussed how ALPP raised capital pre-2021 and then how they raised capital in 2021. This article will subsequently get into my thoughts on how ALPP will raise capital in the future, be it from debt … Read more