I’ve been teasing this for about a week or so, and you probably already know where I’m going with some of this, but here it is!

I have three big updates on the direction of my site and content which will be slowly rolled out and improved over the coming weeks:

Patreon Relaunched

Discord Channel

YouTube Expansion


I have officially relaunched my Patreon! I’ve kept just a basic tier for now to help support me for a $2 per month subscription, which is the same as before. You will also get some Discord benefits (see below) and I have some more benefits cooking for this tier as well as some new higher tiers.

See the link below if you’d like to support me!



Given I am only one man with a day job, I have trouble keeping up with all of the Discord channels of stocks that I follow. I also receive a lot of questions via Twitter DM that I think would be beneficial to everyone to hear our discussion.

So I have launched my own Discord page, open to everyone, where you can ask me questions or just chat about the stocks I cover or investing questions in general. My Patreon subscribers will have more rights in the channel, but it’s designed to be very useful for non-Patreon subscribers.

Ideally this can be a helpful resource for everyone to see questions answered and other questions/discussions going on to help you learn.

Note – I am not trying to replace the current Discord pages for various stocks, I’ll try my best to pay attention to those too. This is more for if you want to directly engage with me or my readers.

I’ve linked an invite below, come and join!



In the coming weeks, I expect to start releasing occasional YouTube videos. Initially, they will be similar to my general discussion articles but in video form. So I’ll talk about the site, general updates, and then quick discussions of the stocks I cover.

I may also have longer form content going through my blog posts in more detail or providing more commentary that’s easier to discuss on video than in writing.

My YouTube channel is currently empty 😊, but you can find the link here:


Much more to come on all of these three updates in the coming weeks as I roll them out… very excited and thanks for reading!!!

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