SIRC Analysis – FY 2021 Annual Report Part 2

Hello readers! As promised, I’m happy to release my next article analyzing SIRC’s FY 2021 annual report. My first article focused more on high level performance and some key considerations from their financials. This article will focus more on some interesting specifics I dug into from the audited financials. Many of these were not yet … Read more

SIRC Analysis – Why so Much Goodwill?

I’ve seen this question kicked around a bit on Discord and figured it warranted its own article. This is also a bit of an important topic because SIRC specifically said this topic is what’s holding up their audited financial statements. First, we’ll get into what goodwill is. Then, we can talk about why SIRC has … Read more

SIRC Analysis – Long Term Price Target

I typically don’t like giving out price targets for companies I cover. The main reason is that there are an ungodly amount of click bait pump videos/posts out there that say something like $SIRC PRICE TARGET $25 IN 12 MONTHS GUARANTEED TO THE MOON. Price targets are a tricky thing. They have so much nuance … Read more

SIRC – Recapitalizing the Right Way

As promised, I’ve written up another SIRC article! This article gets into why I love the way SIRC is recapitalizing their company, most of which is driven by their newfound success. SIRC should really be the model for how a company protects the average retail shareholder as it starts to hit success, rather than further … Read more

SIRC Analysis – Profit Margin Potential

Since I released my initial thoughts article here on SIRC, I wanted to release a few individual articles discussing some of the topics I went through in more detail. Today’s article is going to discuss my opinion on SIRC’s profit potential long-term. What I mean by profit potential is not necessarily whether it will be … Read more

SIRC Analysis – Initial Thoughts

Some exciting news, I’ve decided to take a stab at analyzing a pretty popular company on the OTC called Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation, or SIRC. I’ve been following them on and off for about six months. But given their relatively recent surge in performance (and popularity) over the last month or so I figured what … Read more