General Discussion – 3/14/2022

I am back with a quicker general discussion post! I had some things I wanted to get my thoughts down on which didn’t warrant full articles. Topics today: SIRC/ALPP – silly price drops SIRC – the positive effect of rising energy prices SKAS – increased buying activity leading into 10k SIRC/ALPP – Silly Price Drops … Read more

General Discussion – 1 March 2022

I am back with another general discussion post! Topics discussed today (warning, rant incoming!): General market conditions and Ukraine AITX – more dealers, more orders, larger production runs ALPP – share price dip SIRC – going big in EV Rant – investor expectations Off we go! General Market Conditions and Ukraine I wrote a whole … Read more

General Discussion – 8 February 2022

Hello readers! I wanted to get out a quick general discussion post today having built up some random nuggets that didn’t warrant full on articles. Plus, I have some general updates to get out. Let’s get started! Topics for today: $ALPP – Shareholder letter fallout/share price $AITX – Upcoming deployments news $SIRC – More content … Read more

General Discussion – 27 January 2022

Fun day in the markets today, so naturally I had to get out a general discussion piece! Today I’m going to be talking about: Knightscope’s first day on the NASDAQ ALPP – A note on institutional buys ALPP – Recent interview A note on my disclosures Knightscope (“KSCP”) – First Day on the NASDAQ I … Read more

General Discussion – 25 January 2022

Hello readers! I’m back with a general discussion post after a turbulent few days of trading. Today I’ll be touching on the following: General Thoughts on the Market AITX ALPP My Microcap Analysis Guide General Blog Update General Thoughts on the Market For those of you with boring desk jobs, you’ve probably been tuned in … Read more