ALPP Analysis – GAC Spinoff Explained

It’s been a while, but I am very pleased to release a new ALPP article! Today’s article touches on a question a few people asked me after the annual shareholder meeting: what’s the deal with this spinoff of Global Autonomous Corporation, or GAC. I’m not going to get into detail on the specific company itself … Read more

ALPP Analysis – Thoughts for FY 2022

Today’s article will be going through my thoughts and predictions for FY 2022 for ALPP. I did one of these for AITX that my readers really liked, so I figured I should do one as well for ALPP. I’ve already touched on a lot of these sprinkled throughout a few articles, but this will have … Read more

ALPP Analysis – RCA Batteries Joint Venture

I wanted to get a quick article today out about the very exciting news released today: ALPP will be forming a joint venture between RCA and Elecjet called RCA Batteries. I’ll get into some brief background about what this means, and then give my take on it. RCA Batteries You can read more about the … Read more

ALPP Analysis – Patience Required, Valuing Vayu

Today’s article dives back into some more analysis on ALPP, specifically how to value and assess Vayu and the drone program. I’m going to lump in Vayu and Impossible Aerospace together obviously, but then also include Identified Technologies here as well as they’re so interconnected. So from now on, Vayu = those three businesses. My … Read more