AITX Analysis – Q2 2022 10Q

Hello all! Better late than never… here are my thoughts on the AITX 10Q for the three months ended August 31 2022. I am going to just go rapid fire style on this one and give you my key points having read the filing. I’ll then wrap up with my general thoughts on the company … Read more

AITX Analysis – Thoughts for FY 2023

As Aaron Lewis once said, “it’s been a while” since I’ve made an AITX article. As I sit here waiting for the Bengals-Rams game to start, I figured I’d start to finally get this one down on figurative paper. Today’s article will be a bit more of a subjective piece versus my typical articles. So … Read more

AITX Analysis – Impact of the Knightscope IPO

With the recent IPO of Knightscope ($KSCP) and its shares becoming publicly listed on January 27th, AITX investors have been watching closely how the market reacts. This IPO has some pretty significant implications for AITX and the wild ride of the KSCP share price has AITX investors both concerned and excited at the same time. … Read more

AITX Analysis – Q3 10Q, My Thoughts

Hello readers! I’m very happy to be back writing articles after my bout with COVID. I’m still a bit sick, so hopefully this article is a somewhat coherent. But having done a read through the 10Q, I wanted to get down some of my “good and bad” from the reading. Also, I did a predictions … Read more