AITX Analysis – IP and the Effect on Gross Margin Ft. Knightscope Part 2

Continuing from my previous post, we have now spoken in detail about KS, now we can move onto AITX. AITX – How do they Compare? See below AITX’s financials over (as close as the SEC allows me) the same period: Side-by-side with KS, we are seeing the same heavy losses operating margins. However, AITX is … Read more

AITX Analysis – IP and the Effect on Gross Margin Ft. Knightscope

Today’s article, to be broken down into a two posts due to size, are taking a deeper dive into three income statement line items: Net Revenue, COGS, and Gross Profit, and how they can be partially attributable to intangible property, or “IP”. All throughout AITX’s filings, as well as the CEO’s press, they only name … Read more

AITX Analysis – A Brief Introduction to the Series

Today’s article is going to be the first in a series analyzing AITX. For those of you that don’t know, one of the more talked about stocks on the OTC is AITX, or Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions. Full disclosure, and I will make this clear throughout, I currently hold a long position in AITX. This … Read more

Introduction to my Blog and About Me

Hi All, Welcome to my blog! I’m making this first featured post to give you all a sense of what this blog will be about. I won’t give much in terms of my background other than I work in corporate tax, am ex-Big 4, and have a finance education. This is also a pen-name.  I’m … Read more