AITX Analysis

  • AITX Analysis – Profitability and Cash Flow Positive Prospects?
    AITX released a press release on April 5th which stated: The CEO expects the combination of these changes and RAD’s strong sales funnel to result in monthly profitability within the next 9 to 15 months. While the Company has prepared forecasts aiming for positive cash flow by December 31, 2023, there are no guarantees that … Read more
  • Weekend Update – 3.5.2023
    Happy Sunday everyone! Just getting down some quick thoughts here on this busy Sunday. This guy has to do his taxes this weekend and let’s just say I don’t have the easiest situation… but the cost savings for a CPA, right? Right?! AITX We’ve closed the door on the AITX fiscal year 2023 and we’ve … Read more
  • AITX Analysis – Q3 2023 10Q
    I’m a bit late here… so sorry in advance but better late than never! I wanted to get down some thoughts / insights on AITX’s most recent 10Q. Let’s get right to it. Financial Results I won’t regurgitate financials like an AI written article, but I wanted to jot down some thoughts. On the revenue … Read more
  • Weekend Update – 2.26.2023
    Hi all, welcome to another weekend update! Let’s get right to it. CYBL This was a pretty big up and down last week or two for CYBL. We started off with their share price imploding again after more major brokers cut off buy orders (discussed here). Then, we get some pretty awesome news that CYBL’s … Read more
  • Weekend Rapid Fire – 2.12.2023
    After a period of blog silence, I now have some time on my hands to get some thoughts down for this weekend’s rapid fire. Let’s get right to it. SIRC There will be a separate article on this, but the big news around SIRC is the recent turmoil in the company with all of its … Read more