Hi All,

Welcome to my blog! I’m making this first featured post to give you all a sense of what this blog will be about. I won’t give much in terms of my background other than I work in corporate tax, am ex-Big 4, and have a finance education. This is also a pen-name. 

I’m not sure anyone will actually read these…but for now I’ll be breaking down my posts into three categories:

Micro-Cap and Penny Stock Investing

This is what my Twitter is mostly focused on, and I will expand upon certain subjects I mention in my tweets here. Posts here should hopefully be educational and be more detailed responses, answers, etc. to what I post on Twitter. Example topics will be valuation techniques at this market-cap level, breakdowns of financials, and business updates and news releases from a company I follow.

General Personal Finance and Portfolio Management

This topic is near and dear to my heart. It is such a simple topic to learn to be able to set yourself up for retirement. Yet, in my opinion, one of the primary drivers of wealth inequality cyclicality is poor financial management at a person level. I hope that my posts here, probably more infrequent, can help at least one person free themselves from the hamster wheel of living paycheck to paycheck and live out their golden years in financial peace.

Any of my other interests as I feel like writing about them

TBD if this materializes.

*All of my articles regarding investing should not be considered financial advice. My articles are for entertainment purposes, do your own research. Consider your risk profile and investment horizon before investing in any financial instrument.*