To celebrate this lovely Friday, April 1st, I’m extremely excited to release my article detailing my exclusive day spent with AITX’s CEO, Steve Reinharz. Steve reached out to me about shadowing him for a day several weeks ago, and naturally I had to accept. He asked me to wait until after ISC West was over, … Read more

SIRC Analysis – Why so Much Goodwill?

I’ve seen this question kicked around a bit on Discord and figured it warranted its own article. This is also a bit of an important topic because SIRC specifically said this topic is what’s holding up their audited financial statements. First, we’ll get into what goodwill is. Then, we can talk about why SIRC has … Read more

General Discussion – 3/14/2022

I am back with a quicker general discussion post! I had some things I wanted to get my thoughts down on which didn’t warrant full articles. Topics today: SIRC/ALPP – silly price drops SIRC – the positive effect of rising energy prices SKAS – increased buying activity leading into 10k SIRC/ALPP – Silly Price Drops … Read more

Guide to Microcap Stock Analysis – Step 4: Analyze the Financial Statements

Now that we are “experts” in our company’s operations, products, offerings, management, etc., we can now get into probably the most challenging piece: analyzing the financial statements. Now, I have to keep this section relatively brief as you could write an entire college textbook on this section. Given that, I will keep this quite high … Read more

SIRC Analysis – Why I’m Excited for Uplists

In today’s article I discuss the potential uplists for SIRC coming in the near future. While I’m normally a little bit underwhelmed by the prospects of an uplist by many of the companies I follow, I think SIRC will see some real immediate benefit to its share price as it climbs the uplist ladder. Let’s … Read more

General Discussion – 1 March 2022

I am back with another general discussion post! Topics discussed today (warning, rant incoming!): General market conditions and Ukraine AITX – more dealers, more orders, larger production runs ALPP – share price dip SIRC – going big in EV Rant – investor expectations Off we go! General Market Conditions and Ukraine I wrote a whole … Read more