AITX Analysis – Impact of the Knightscope IPO

With the recent IPO of Knightscope ($KSCP) and its shares becoming publicly listed on January 27th, AITX investors have been watching closely how the market reacts. This IPO has some pretty significant implications for AITX and the wild ride of the KSCP share price has AITX investors both concerned and excited at the same time. … Read more

General Discussion – 27 January 2022

Fun day in the markets today, so naturally I had to get out a general discussion piece! Today I’m going to be talking about: Knightscope’s first day on the NASDAQ ALPP – A note on institutional buys ALPP – Recent interview A note on my disclosures Knightscope (“KSCP”) – First Day on the NASDAQ I … Read more

ALPP Analysis – RCA Batteries Joint Venture

I wanted to get a quick article today out about the very exciting news released today: ALPP will be forming a joint venture between RCA and Elecjet called RCA Batteries. I’ll get into some brief background about what this means, and then give my take on it. RCA Batteries You can read more about the … Read more

General Discussion – 25 January 2022

Hello readers! I’m back with a general discussion post after a turbulent few days of trading. Today I’ll be touching on the following: General Thoughts on the Market AITX ALPP My Microcap Analysis Guide General Blog Update General Thoughts on the Market For those of you with boring desk jobs, you’ve probably been tuned in … Read more

Guide to Microcap Stock Analysis – Step 1: Exclude Blacklist Companies

Now that we’ve laid some groundwork, we now need to get into a rather controversial (to some) part of my method. There are certain companies that I will not touch, I won’t even consider them. Period. My analysis method is 100% not applicable to these companies. So, if any of these are your favorite company … Read more

Guide to Microcap Stock Analysis – Step 0: Rules of the Road

Welcome along to the journey of learning how to analyze a microcap company! This step, a very important one, will be a listing of some key ground rules for the entire process. Many of these are my personal opinion and things I’ve picked up over the years that I’ve learned to follow. These aren’t hard … Read more

Guide to Microcap Stock Analysis – Introduction

If you’re reading this, you’ve just started on my article series on how to analyze a microcap stock! This introduction article will provide you with a brief introduction to the series and give you a sense of my method for analyzing any microcap stock. I’ve broken my series into different steps, so we’ll go through … Read more

AITX Analysis – Q3 10Q, My Thoughts

Hello readers! I’m very happy to be back writing articles after my bout with COVID. I’m still a bit sick, so hopefully this article is a somewhat coherent. But having done a read through the 10Q, I wanted to get down some of my “good and bad” from the reading. Also, I did a predictions … Read more

ALPP Analysis – Patience Required, Valuing Vayu

Today’s article dives back into some more analysis on ALPP, specifically how to value and assess Vayu and the drone program. I’m going to lump in Vayu and Impossible Aerospace together obviously, but then also include Identified Technologies here as well as they’re so interconnected. So from now on, Vayu = those three businesses. My … Read more