AITX Analysis – Why AITX Isn’t Seeking Debt Financing

Today’s article is a shorter one discussing a question I see asked all the time: Why doesn’t AITX use debt financing instead of equity-based financing (issuing new shares, warrants, etc.)? To answer that question, I’ll first need to go through at a basic level how lenders evaluate prospective companies to lend to. Then we can … Read more

ALPP Analysis – Business Model Explained

Today is an exciting day as I am now branching out from just covering AITX and will now be adding ALPP to my list of covered companies! For those of you that are new readers, check out my about page or any of my prior articles on AITX to get a sense of my work. … Read more

AITX Analysis – Notes on the Recent Share Price

This will be a more informal article discussing my thoughts on the recent, rather drastic, drop in the AITX share price recently. I was thinking of posting some of these on Twitter/Discord, but they got a bit long so I’m making a blog post instead. Hope this is interesting to you! The Chart As is … Read more

AITX Analysis – Production Run of 1,000 ROSAs

Recently the CEO of AITX, Steve Reinharz, hinted that AITX would do a production run of the ROSA 3.0 for one thousand units. Note, this is all speculation and not one hundred percent confirmed. Though the CEO hinted it was likely. This is pretty significant as, according to the trusty AITX discord, there’s likely less … Read more

AITX Analysis – Sale of Future Revenue

After taking a bit of a break from more dense articles, I’m now back with a more analytical article. Today’s article covers some interesting financial instruments AITX entered into with some early investors in 2019 and 2020. These were a sale of future revenue. I haven’t really heard much chatter on these before, nor have … Read more

AITX Analysis – Q3 2022 Predictions

Warning low effort post! In honor of Q3 ending last week, I wanted to have some fun and write an article with some of my wildly speculative predictions of how I think the 10Q for the 3 months ended 11/30/2021 may look. What I want to do is stick to the income statement down to … Read more